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my story


I'm Nupur, and my story is a pleasant cocktail of multiple cultural influences! I was born and raised in India in a multi-lingual family. My parents are from two different states, with two different languages and food cultures, so I grew up in a beautiful fusion of both cultures.

I came to New York almost 25 years ago and fell in love with the borough of Queens, the most diverse borough in the world!The variety of tastes and flavors blew my mind and has also shaped my own palette over the years.


My journey started with being a home cook, cooking for my husband’s large family, for 18 years. In my spare time, I started making some cooking videos on Facebook LIVE, and those sessions became so popular that people started asking for my recipes. That's when my first book "The Vegan Indian Home" was born in 2018.

By then my audience started asking how they could get the spices I cook with! That combined with my daughter going away to college and missing Indian food, but not knowing how to cook, led to the launch of my spice company-Namastay Foods and Bev Corp 2020, I launched my new corporation, producing and selling my Indian spices to curry lovers all over the world, and even in this uncertain time of Covid 19 I have been busier than ever as more and more people want to learn how to cook at home.

My true love continues to be teaching others how to create flavorful Indian food just like mine. Offering classes through this platform is just my way of encouraging families to reclaim their power at the dinner table by cooking simple homemade meals often. 

I hope you will join me in one of these classes whether you are new to the plant based food  life or just trying to add some interesting recipes to your repertoire. I promise you will also say that this food is indeed- "Mom's love on a plate"!

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Sandy S.


It’s like you're standing right next to me and we are cooking together, even though we are 2,000 miles apart! Your recipes are easily followed, so very flexible and incredibly delicious.

Jae D.


I wanted to learn to cook these dishes myself, rather than going to a restaurant. Real Indian food, real fast. Can't get better than that!

Mira B.

New York

She explained all her cooking steps very clearly and the food was incredible - very possibly the best chana  masala I had in my life! Definitely recommend.

Queens Curry Kitchen is a New York based and female-owned business, proudly offering premium quality spice blends, online Indian cooking classes for all skill levels, and weekly meal delivery for those that miss Mom's cooking. 

Queens Curry Kitchen: Online Indian Cooking Classes and Curry Spice Shop

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Don't forget to check out my weekly meal delivery service, available in Midtown West Manhattan, and in Rego Park / Forest Hills / Kew Gardens areas in Queens. Made with Mom's love, that's the BEST cuisine of all!